Friday, January 30, 2015

NERSA Discussion Document - Small-Scale Renewable Embedded Generation: Regulatory Framework for Distributors

It was reported in the September 2014 issue of this Bulletin that the National Energy Regulator of South Africa intended releasing a consultation paper in February 2015 in which it would outline the possible regulatory framework for “distributed power generation” in South Africa, including how “prosumers” could be empowered to feed surplus electricity into the grid.

On 4 December 2014, NERSA published an advertisement in several newspapers in which it advised all stakeholders that ‘ …it is in the process of developing the Regulatory Framework on Small-Scale Renewable Embedded Generation, as well as the Guidelines on the Electricity Resellers Tariffs’. The proposed timelines for the Regulatory Framework on SSREG were stated as being:

NERSA subsequently advised that:

  • Comment would be accepted up to 16 January 2015
  • The proposed consultation paper incorporating comment and suggestions on the discussion document will be presented to the NERSA Board on 27 January 2015 and, if approved, published for comment on 30 January 2015;
  • A period of 30 days will be allowed for the submission of comment;
  • Public hearing(s) are to be held in April 2015 with the relevant regulations being approved and published in May 2015.
Copies of the NERSA advertisement and discussion document are available on the AMEU website at .

A rather confusing part of the advertisement was the reference to NERSA’s intention to develop `Guidelines on the Electricity Resellers Tariffs’. Some readers may remember that NERSA published a consultation paper on this subject on 7 April 2014, with a deadline for comment of 7 May 2014, followed by a public hearing conducted on 22 July 2014. The consultation paper had proposed that a NERSA decision on the matter was expected by June 2014 but to date, nothing further has been heard until the advertisement which announced that:

These dates look remarkably similar to those for the SSEG Regulatory Framework process and there was no sign of the mentioned consultation paper on the NERSA website as at 26 January 2015.

Copies of the previous advertisement, consultation paper and AMEU comment on the proposed Guidelines on the Electricity Resellers Tariffs are available on the AMEU website at

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