Friday, January 30, 2015

Electricity Supply Bylaws: Drakenstein Municipality

During 2014, Drakenstein Municipality advised its intention to update its Electricity Supply Bylaws to include, inter-alia:-

  • All matters pertaining to the Co-Generation of Electricity through renewable sources, with references to administration, financial and safety matters;
  • Re-wording of sections relating to tariffs applicable to offences committed under the bylaws in order to avoid the use of the word “fine” since this would initiate the need to get a magistrate to approve fines;
  • Adjustments required due to the influence of the Consumer Protection Act; and
  • Altering some of the existing bylaw clauses in order to make them more specific and thus remove potential `loop holes’.
The revised Drakenstein Bylaws were promulgated in Provincial Gazette 7326 published by the Province of the Western Cape on 7 November 2014 (from page 1883 to 1912).

A copy of the WCPG 7326 is available on the AMEU website at

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