Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Legislation to Incentivise Municipalities

The Engineering News Online edition of 19 July 2014 contained two articles related to municipal performance.

In the first article titled `Govt considers legislation to incentivise municipalities – Gordhan’, it reported Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Pravin Gordhan as saying during his 2014/15 Budget Vote to Parliament that `The Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) is considering introducing legislation to incentivise positive behaviour among municipalities.’

Such positive behaviour would include ensuring a minimum maintenance allocation of 7%, undertaking reviews of implementation capabilities and implementing ten-year infrastructure plans on a regional basis. Gordhan said CoGTA’s support was aimed at ensuring that municipalities developed new infrastructure at a faster pace, while adhering to the relevant standards, as well as enabling municipalities to improve the operation and maintenance of existing infrastructure to ensure continuity of service provision. It also “…..aims at assisting municipalities to build their internal technical capacity to progressively strengthen their capability for sustainable infrastructure and service provision in the long term,”

The second article, `Back to basics for municipalities – Gordhan’, quotes Minister Gordhan as stating that `Government will enforce a back-to-basics approach for the country's 278 municipalities’. He said to reporters that "We want every municipality in South Africa to ensure that it undertakes core basic functions as efficiently, as effectively, and as religiously as is humanly possible," and that "What we mean by this is making sure that robots work, making sure that potholes are filled, water is delivered, refuse is collected, electricity is supplied, refuse and waste management takes place in the right kind of way."

Systems would reportedly be put in place to allow national and provincial governments to monitor the performance of municipalities and ensure they respond to crises quicker.

The full Engineering News Online articles can be found here and here respectively (Source: Creamer Media’s Engineering News at

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