Friday, October 17, 2014

NERSA Consultation Papers: Distributed power generation and wheeling rules

Engineering News Online reported in an article `Nersa finalising distributed-power, wheeling consultation papers’, published on 20 September 2014, that `the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) will release a consultation paper in February next year outlining the possible regulatory framework for “distributed power generation” in South Africa, including how “prosumers” could be empowered to feed surplus electricity into the grid.’ Full-time member for electricity Thembani Bukula is reported to have said that `…the aim is to ensure an “orderly introduction” of embedded generation, which Nersa views as inevitable, notwithstanding the prevailing legislative impediments.’

NERSA is also reported to be finalising a consultation paper on the revision of the existing third-party access, or wheeling, rules, which it expects to be published before the end of 2014. Mr Bukula said that “We plan to work with all stakeholders to facilitate the wheeling of power by those that have the resources to build power-generation capacity.”

Late in August 2014, the AMEU was requested to nominate representatives to serve on a NERSA Advisory Forum to review the NERSA policy on “Regulatory Rules on Network Charges for Third-Party Transportation of Energy” that was approved in March 2012. Significant issues have arisen since this document was approved that NERSA has finally agreed to address. The Forum will comprise representatives of NERSA, EIUG, AMEU, Eskom and SALGA to review the approved document and also advise on new areas to be included (eg. charges for the use of municipal networks).

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