Friday, October 17, 2014

Electricity Suppliers Liaison Committee [ESLC]: Update of NRS brochure

Readers will be interested to note that the ESLC has updated its `Industry Specifications Information Brochure’ in September 2014. A copy of the brochure in PDF format was included on the memory stick provided to all AMEU Convention delegates and on the AMEU website at .

In an extract from the brochure (pages 4-5):

•    The ESLC agreed to produce this brochure that comprises lists of the titles of NRS documents and their applicability. Distributors are encouraged to make use of these industry specifications to promote standardization.

NOTE: In terms of the Standards Act, such “standards” are not National Standards, and are referred to by the SABS as “Industry Technical Agreements” in the case of NRS documents.

NRS specifications, covering a range of electro-technical topics as well as guidelines for sound business practice/s, are developed for use in the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) in South Africa. All NRS specifications are voluntary. The NRS Project Management Agency (PMA), which is staffed by Eskom, manages the development of the specifications on behalf of the Electricity Suppliers Liaison Committee (ESLC).

The NRS specifications are developed using accepted consensus-building practices, in collaboration with the Standards Division of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), The process includes consultation with other relevant stakeholders; in particular, where relevant, suppliers and manufacturers. A working group (WG) is convened with members nominated by the by the ESLC to carry out the standardization work The WG should comprise a group of specialists (and application engineers) who are knowledgeable in the subject under consideration and who pool this knowledge to produce a specification/code of practice. The WG may decide to include other stakeholders in an interest group.

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