Friday, October 17, 2014

Seminars: Domestic Electricity Loads and BIG DATA for Electricity Forecasting

The first announcement for two seminars that may be of significant interest to some municipalities has recently been received. The will take place as follows:

•    Domestic Electric Loads: Consumption, Demand and Profiles – a seminar presenting new information about SA domestic customer load behaviour.
  o    Date: Wednesday, 12 November 2014
  o    Venue: John Maree Auditorium, Eskom Academy of Learning, Midrand
  o    Fee: R350 per day

Eskom and some Municipalities have been co-operating via the NRS 034 Domestic Load Research Project in collecting loading data of domestic customers for the last 18 years. All this data is in a database linked to tariff and demographic, climatic and spatial information.  The load data has been analysed and converted into user-friendly formats for users of load data.  The analysis will be presented at the seminar and made available to attendees.

•    BIG DATA for Electricity Forecasting: Concepts, Techniques and Demonstrations – a seminar which will introduce Energy Planners and Forecasters to the use of BIG DATA in planning and forecasting environments.
  o    Date: Thursday, 13 November 2014
  o    Venue: John Maree Auditorium, Eskom Academy of Learning, Midrand
  o    Fee: R350 per day

Planners and Forecasters are under ever increasing pressure to deal with a more uncertain future, with larger and larger data sets having to be processed. Traditionally data sets are highly structured, but the growing trend is to mine value from unstructured data.  While doing analysis, modelling and forecasting, it is imperative to access unstructured data (news articles and the like) from the core component of Market Intelligence, combined with time series, spatial and other data (e.g. traditional data warehouse) to give more rich intelligence. Eskom RT&D is offering you the opportunity to get up to speed with these exciting developments.

Bookings and information requests should be directed to Buhle Dlamini at .

A copy of the seminar announcement and a registration form are available on the AMEU website at

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