Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Africa Telecoms Summit: 17 – 19 November 2014

In March of 2014, the AMEU and other organisations were approached by representatives of the Utilities Telecoms Council (UTC) in the USA to talk about the potential to start an Africa UTC. The USA UTC was formed more than 65 years ago to support emerging telecommunications needs in the utility sector. It is a Utility Trade Association focusing on telecommunications and ICT as needed to support core utility businesses - electricity, gas, water and other critical infrastructure industries and is its industry’s source and resource for telecommunications and ICT solutions, collaboration, and advocacy.

A European Utilities Telecom Council (EUTC) was formed in 2004, as a European Arm of UTC in USA, and in 2013 convened a `ICT For Future Energy Networks in Africa - 3-4 June’ conference in collaboration with Eskom.

In support of its initiative, Mr Peter Moray, Director Global Programmes for UTC, will present a paper at the 2014 AMEU Convention on `Africa UTC - Promoting Telecoms & ICT - An Essential Ingredient in Energy Networks of the Future’. His presentation will identify the role to be played by the expansion of telecoms and ICT technologies and services in the future smart energy and smart utility networks in South Africa and will describe an organisational model for an Africa Utilities Telecom Council (AUTC), a proposed non-profit trade association concentrating on Telecoms & ICT as they affect utility organisations across the Southern Africa region.

This will be followed by the Africa Telecoms Summit and the formation of the AUTC over the period 17 to 19 November 2014. Details and an outline programme for the Summit are expected shortly with the possibility of a session dedicated to South Africa and “New Spectrum for Utilities for Smartgrids”.

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