Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Publication of NRS 102:2014 - Theft Deterrent Earthing Materials

The ESLC has recently announced the publication of the NRS 102:2014 specification which was prepared to establish and promote uniform requirements for theft deterrent earthing materials. It will be updated as new technologies are developed by the industry and become readily available.

Materials recommended in this specification meet the technical requirements for earthing, yet possess essentially no scrap value and are intended to dramatically curb theft, thereby ensuring the safety of people and equipment as well as network reliability.

Copyright restrictions prevent the posting of a copy of this specification on the AMEU website. The procedure for obtaining copies of NRS specifications or SANS documents is as follows:
  • NRS Specifications – these are available to municipal members free of charge by entering the NRS website at https://scot.eskom.co.za and logging in with their `loginID’ and `password’. Should you not have this information, you can either send an e-mail to Alvin Fredericks at Alvin.Fredericks@eskom.co.za or you can phone him on 011 651 6861. This site can also be accessed via the AMEU website at www.ameu.co.za. Select `Library & Reports’ then `Web Links’, where you can select links to the NRS and SABS websites.

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