Construction Regulations 2014

Articles in the February, May and June editions of this e-Bulletin reported on the promulgation of the Construction Regulations 2014 on Monday 10 February 2014 and noted that the new regulations` …..have significant implications for employers in the construction sector, placing additional responsibility for health and safety compliance on the client, contractor and designer of a project’ and that they are `… applicable to all persons involved in construction work, but did not apply to cases where construction work was carried out in relation to a single-story dwelling for a client who intended to reside in the dwelling upon completion.’

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI): Designation of products and components for local production and content in the public sector procurement system

Following the report in the July 2014 edition of this Bulletin that a Dti representative had advised the AMEU Technical Committee that one of the next sectors planned for designation included `Transformers’, Fin24 published a report on 18 August 2014 in which Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies, is quoted as saying that `… (t)he designation of residential electricity meters is similarly binding on the public sector, including and especially municipalities’.

NERSA determination: Eskom’s Regulatory Clearing Account (RCA) balance

The National Energy Regulator (NERSA) announced on 30 July 2014 that it had approved the Regulatory Clearing Account (RCA) balance of R7 818m for Eskom Holdings SOC Limited (‘Eskom’).

Publication of NRS 102:2014 - Theft Deterrent Earthing Materials

The ESLC has recently announced the publication of the NRS 102:2014 specification which was prepared to establish and promote uniform requirements for theft deterrent earthing materials. It will be updated as new technologies are developed by the industry and become readily available.

Africa Telecoms Summit: 17 – 19 November 2014

In March of 2014, the AMEU and other organisations were approached by representatives of the Utilities Telecoms Council (UTC) in the USA to talk about the potential to start an Africa UTC.

CIGRE Symposium: 26 – 30 October 2015

CIGRE has issued a Call for Papers for its International Symposium on `Development of Electricity Infrastructures in Sub-Saharan Africa’ that will take place in Cape Town from 26 to 30 October 2015.

Abstracts must be submitted to the Central Office of CIGRE in Paris by 30 November 2014.